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Frequently Asked Question

  • Plastic plates, bowls, etc…
    We have melamine dishes as well as ceramic/glass. There may be extra paper plates from us or guests, but they are not stocked.
  • Laundry Detergent/fabric softener -
    There is bleach and detergent. We do not stock the fabric softener, but a previous guest may have left some.
  • Dishwashing detergent
    Yes, liquid and dishwashing. We also stock trash bags and cleaning supplies. There will be 3 rolls of paper towels in the kitchen, and each bathroom has 3 rolls of TP.
  • Ziplock baggies or Tupperware?
    We have basic salt/pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Guests tend to leave other seasonings to share.
  • Salt pepper/seasoning
    We have basic salt/pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Guests tend to leave other seasonings to share.
  • Cooking oil
    I know we stock olive oil; we don't typically reserve others, but again, a guest may have left.
  • Coffee or Tea
    We stock 1 decaf and 1 Kona coffee pod. We also stock Chai Latte pods along with decaf Camomile tea bags. There is hazelnut creamer provided. 4 mugs.
  • What Bathroom Toiletries Are Stocked?
    There is body soap and hand soap in all baths. Please bring your desired shampoo and conditioner, as these are not stocked. We also provide Q-tips/cotton pads and towel sets.
  • Do You Have A Beach Umbrella And Chairs?
    Yes, we have a striped 8' umbrella that is kept in the carry case in the garage, along with 6 beach chairs. You are welcome to use the umbrella on the rooftop; there is a stand there for it. Please do not scuff up the walls; pack the umbrella in the case before taking it up to the 3rd floor for safety precautions. Beach towels (8) are located on the washer and dryer; sunblock/tanning oil is in the 1st kitchen cabinet.
  • Do You Have Any Board Games?
    No board games, but a deck of cards is in the kitchen cabinet.
  • Do The Fire Pits Work?
    Yes, and easy to use. There are lighters in the rooftop cabinet drawer, and the kitchen has one in the 1st drawer for the 1st-floor fire tower. If you run out of butane, you can easily take to Pavilions Grocery (32nd) to swamp out for a full tank. Please do not trash the tanks.

Phone Number

(949) 673-2618 - Newport Bike & Beach 

(949) 675-5010 - Newport Cruisers   

Do You Have Bicycles?

No, the 2 bikes and the Mini Cooper in the garage are not for guest use. There are bike rentals close by within 4 blocks. (949) 723-0043 - 20th Street Beach & Bikes

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